Thank you for your interest in becoming a speaker for STEM Outreach Collective!

You'll find more info about becoming a speaker and the speaker application form below.

We specifically work with students in grades 6 – 8 (middle school) and 9 – 12 (high school).

In case you were wondering: STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, referring to the academic disciplines of science taught in most schools throughout the United States. The acronym has been used to inspire change in educational policy, and more recently as a marketing tool for many museums and educational institutions.

The Process

STEP 1: Fill out the speaker application and send us your resume

Tell us about yourself, what you do, and what topics you feel comfortable speaking about to students in grades 6-12.


STEP 2: Submit a presentation or demo

We will send you guidelines and tips on how to design a presentation or demo for students. We'll work with you to make sure your presentation is right for our target age groups. The approval process is easy and painless.


STEP 3: get busy!

After we've checked your presentation or demo, we'll list you as a speaker on our website. Teachers will personally request programs, either from specific speakers or regarding specific topics. We will match you with the right class, and help you schedule your talks! Don't have time to travel to a class? That's fine! You can skype in and give a presentation or hold a Q&A, too!

Speaker Application

To start your application process, please fill out the application form below and tell us a little bit about yourself! When you've completed the application form, email a copy of your current resume/CV to

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